Wilfried von Aichberger


Wilfried Uniform.png
Wilfried, in his dress uniform and jacket.

Wilfried Fortified Suit.png
Wilfried, in his customized fortified suit.

Birthday 25 December
Nationality West German
Features Dark irises
Short, white hair
Muscular build
TSF EF-2000 Typhoon (modified)
Voice Actor Kazunobu Chiba
Game Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Aspiration

Known as one of the "Seven Heroes of Britain", Wilfried von Aichberger's nickname of Schwarzekönigwolf (Black King Wolf) is a well-earned representation of his combat and command prowess. A Captain of the 44th Ceberus Tactical Armor Battalion, he commands the 44th's 1st Squadron "Schwarze".

Piloting a jet-black EF-2000, his machine has been modified for greater engine output and its combat data is currently used for evaluation purposes.

Has a preference for fried potatoes, if it's supposed to be a different thing than french fries. Enjoys it to the point of ordering another helping after dessert.

Adoration Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Wilfried von Aichberger and Sigelinde von Fahrenhorst, two of the strongest pilots in the Zerberus Bataillon, with their personal Typhoons in the background.

At the end of Adoration, Wilfried conferred on Saijyurou the honor of being the 37th member of Zerberus Platoon.

As his parting words, he promises that the next time they meet they shall have more fried potatoes.

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