Unknown, presumably Turkish


Giselle Adjani (Sister)


Shoulder-length, messy blonde hair, red headband
Yellow irises
Tanned skin tone, body of medium stature

Fighting Machine(s)


Voice Actress

Sakurai Harumi (櫻井 浩美)

Game Appearances

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (VN)

Manga Appearances

Anime Appearances

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (Anime)

Valentine is a side character in the Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse series, and a prominent member of the Refugee Liberation Front who commanded the RLF's land forces.[1] The sister of Giselle Adjani, Valentine's thoughts are noticeably less radical than most of her comrades. Unlike certain other members of the RLF, however, Valentine is firm in her beliefs that their actions will truly bring about a better future for refugees around the world.

Total Eclipse[edit | edit source]

During the past, Valentine, real name Meryem Saner, had experienced being rescued by a Turkish TSF unit led by then-Captain Ibrahim Doğulu. This set the beginning for her admiration for the Turkish pilot.[1]

Later on, Valentine, and her sister Giselle Adjani, a.k.a. Ozlem Saner, ended up living together in a refugee camp, along with their mother, who sold her body to others secretly in order to provide for the two siblings.[2] Valentine's mother also used her own actions as a pretext to get close to other refugees in order to murder them and steal their provisions, and it came as a great shock to the sisters when they were told of their mother's deeds, and that their mother's latest intended victim had fought back, killing her in the process.[2]

It was unknown when she managed to infiltrate the military police force in Yukon Base, but when the Yukon Base Incident occurred, she was at one of the locations where the first wide-scale massacres were initiated by the RLF, leading other terrorist members in their duties. She later relocated to Yukon Base's main command room, and continued her command duties of the RLF's land forces from there.

When Ibrahim was discovered by RLF members on interior patrol of the command center building, she attempted to convince him to join their cause, citing that the RLF's actions were necessary in order to alleviate the living conditions of refugee camps. She was also the spokesperson for the RLF, and stated the organization's terms to the various governments around the world, as well as exposed the secret of Yukon Base's underground BETA research facilities, and the Red Shift Line, to the rest of the world.

Later on, when allied forces mounted a counterattack on the RLF, she led the remaining troops of the RLF in the defence of their position. She also ordered mechanized infantry forces to relocate to Fairbanks to defend the location, when the BETA that the RLF had released from underground started heading through the city towards Red Shift.

Despite her prominence in the organization, Valentine was fatally shot by a likely pro-Christopher member of the RLF personnel,[1] during the last moments of the Yukon Base Incident, when she had suggested that all RLF members should surrender to avoid further tainting the name of their organization.

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