Sylwia Krzasińska

Sylvia BDU 1
Sylwia, in her fatigues.

Sylvia Fortified Suit 1
Sylwia, in her fortified suit.

Sylwia bdu anime
Sylwia, anime outline sketch

Birthday December 26, 1964
Nationality Polish
Relations Walther Kruger (love interest)
Features White, long hair
Blue eyes
Tall, buxom build.
TSF MiG-21 Balalaika
Voice Actor Michiyo Murase
Jo Kern (german)
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Leutnant (2nd LT) Sylwia Krzasińska is a former Polish national. She has a cold attitude and is efficient in her piloting. Her Callsign is Schwarzesmarken 05. She is in the war purely for survival - she helps her team only because she needs them to increase her own chances of survival. She avoids getting too attached to anyone as she does not want any friends. 

In the past, Sylwia had two best friends, Kaja and Irena. In October 1979, the 3 Polish girls were sent to Wrocław to defend the city with the Polish 303rd TSF Battalion.

However, the battle conditions kept getting worse; supplies became such a problem that even TSF pilots had a lack of food, ammo, and fuel in December 1979——The only thing that was waiting for the Polish army was death.

At that time, a few cowards in the 303rd Battalion wanted to escape from Wrocław in order to survive. Kaja, who learned the location of the fuel and supplies from a talk with an East German official, also wanted to survive and so she betrayed Sylwia and Irena in order to secure her own escape. She passed along the information about the supplies and the trucks holding them to the deserters in the 303rd, and in doing so joined them. They planed to trap Irena, who was trying to prevent them from leaving.

A few days later, Sylwia and Irena were raped by Polish soldiers in 303rd Battalion and locked up in an ammunitions room. Luckily, the two girls managed to escape from the room, but the fact that their best friend betrayed them caused Irena to mentally break down and commit suicide. After that, Sylwia took the last remaining TSF and set out to find Kaja. Upon finding her, Sylwia disabled her former friend's TSF's arms, legs and jump units and left Kaja to die to the BETA as revenge for Irena. After confirming Kaja's death, Sylvia left the city on her own.

When Sylwia attempted to commit suicide, Irisdina managed to convince her to live on and survive. As a result Irisdina is the only one Sylwia is loyal to.

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