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 ​​Suzy Dzap is the leader of the resistance organization Grosser Bär and a former officer in the NVA. She is first encountered by Gretel Jeckeln during the Stasi coup d'etat in East Berlin, whom she enlists to aid the resistance in fighting the Stasi and brings Gretel to her 666th Squadmates who have fled from the Stasi assault on their unit. She makes several jokes that Gretel taking off her glasses was a poor disguise.

Suzy has a tough and by the book demeanor, likely from her position as NVA officer and has a scar which she covers with her hair, inflicted on her by Heinz Axmann during some sort of torture or interrogation. She has dark purple-red hair with a fringe to one side, amber eyes, is of average height and wears the yellow scarf around her arm which signifies the Grosser Bär rebellion.

She assists a great deal during the rebellion and takes on most of the Infantry and resistance operation field command. She is seen escorting the West German messenger Kirke Steinhoff in a disguise when the West Germans launch a diplomatic mission to East Germany. She aids Franz Heim and the 666th in attacks on the Stasi and takes a strong position engaging the Stasi MiG-23's during the trap set by the resistance.She seems to have no qualms using torture and other Stasi methods against them, as they have used against her and other NVA officers.

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