The Sufoni Design Bureau is a TSF manufacturer for the Soviets, and a rival company to Mikoyam Guluvich.

The organization initially experienced a financial crisis, after the Soviet military rejected the Su-11/15 designs during unit selections for the primary Soviet TSF. Later on, the company was involved in local modification, production, and maintenance of the F-14AN3 Mindseeker, which would later see action during the execution of Alternative III's final phases, in Operation Swaraj. The experience gained from working on the F-14AN3 would allow Sufoni to secure future contracts with the Soviet Union.

The organization's financial crisis was considered truly ended when Sufoni developed the Su-27 Zhuravlik, with secret technical assistance from Northrock. The two companies have enjoyed a good working relationship since, and the relationship was also carried over to Northrock Grunnan after Northrock's merger with US TSF manufacturer Grunnan.

Sufoni also secretly received data on the X-29 at some point in time after the Su-27's deployment, which they used to develop the Su-37 Terminator and Su-47 Berkut. Sufoni's good relations with Northrock, and later Northrock Grunnan, allowed them to gain the X-29's data.


Tactical Surface FightersEdit

Sufoni's first attempt at domestic manufacturing of TSFs. The Su-11 unsatisfactory performance resulted in its rejection by the Soviets.
Improved Su-11. While superior to the original model, competition with the MiG-23 Cheburashka resulted in low production rates and difficulty in integration into the Soviet military.
Sufoni's first proper project since the failure of the Su-15. Being put in charge of local production, maintenance and modification of the F-14AN3 allowed Sufoni to secure a standing with the Soviet leadership, as well as future contracts for TSF development and production.
Sufoni's comeback product, the Su-27 Zhuravlik proved highly popular with the Soviet military, allowing Sufoni to gain a financial advantage over Mikoyam Guluvich. Data used in its refinement would be carried over to future Sufoni-developed TSFs.
Major refurbishment of the Su-27. Despite the marked performance increase, the Su-37 is largely viewed as a stepping-stone to the Su-47 Berkut.
Sufoni's current ultimate product, which uses a large amount of data from the X-29 to further improve the Su-37's performance.


  • As its name suggests, Sufoni is based on the real-world Sukhoi Company.