Typical play through of Sumika route.

Slutmika is one of the heroines of Muv Luv. She is a slut. Meiya is about a billion times better than that slut. Did I mention that she is a slut?

She's like, the slut of sluts. Hangs around Tommyson Silverstone like she owns him, and when the kind girl from his childhood playground encounter comes to save him, Slutmika swears eternal war with her and proceeds to do all sorts of stupid things, like brutally punching Tommy into a near-catatonic state, or purposely getting herself knocked by a car to garner some pity (she threatened the school science teacher to do it too, the poor woman).

Origins of the Gag Article

  • This article dates back to the birth of this wiki, and by "dates back" I mean it was one of the first five articles created, this one thanks to a deadly combination of dry humor, fanboyism and general asshattery back when people hadn't got in gear to fill this wiki up yet. It got buried, and today, it is at where it can be easily found.

Kagami Sumika, standard childhood friend with the romance cliche levels turned up to over an unspecified four-digit number. To many in the Western fandom of Muv-Luv (or those who stopped sticking their tongues out at Muv-Luv Extra for a few moments to play through at least its core routes) Sumika is as cliche a childhood-friend-turned-potential-love-interest as it can get. It only gets more annoying with her standard hit-the-protag-to-solve-problem attitude.

Of course all this is untrue and is merely the wagging of some haters' tongues. You know, personal opinion, waifu wars, yadda yadda, blah. Unfortunately for Sumika, Kagami Slutmika rhymes better than, say, Slutyamine Kei. Then again, Slutkaki Chizuru rhymes too, but she already has Samantha Chimichaga.

Well, damned if I know.