Sigelinde von Fahrenhorst


Sigelinde Uniform.png
Sigelinde, in her dress uniform.

Sigelinde Fortified Suit.png
Sigelinde, in her customized fortified suit.

Birthday February 23
Nationality West German
Features Long, slighty off-white hair, braided
Black irises
Slim, busty build
TSF EF-2000 Typhoon
Voice Actor ??
Game Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Aspiration

A Lieutenant in Zerberus, Sigelinde von Fahrenhorst is a childhood friend of Wilfried and serves as the second-in command of the 1st Squadron "Schwarze". Known as one of the "Seven Heroes of Britain" by the name of Weißwolf (White Wolf), her skills, personal bearings and her pure-white EF-2000 have made her as recognizable as Wilfried.

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