Rina Tervo

Rina Tervo Cutout Smile

Nationality Finnish
Features Brown hair, medium length when down
Blue Eyes
Average height
Slim, pale skin
Voice Actor Akabayashi Sakurako
Game Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Chicken Divers
Last Divers
Manga Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative

Riina Tervo is a Finnish 1st Lieutenant and operator for the Aquila unit in Chicken Divers.

Chicken DiversEdit

As an Orbital Diver Operator, Mother Goose 1 has just about the worst job you can get in the various Military forces. I mean, it's bad enough being the operator for standard soldiers, but being the operator for soldiers with by far the highest casualty, KIA, and MIA rates among all soldiers?

And it shows, throughout Chicken Divers, Mother Goose 1 seems to show a perpetual look of worry and anxiety during her short conversation with Aquila 1.

Last DiversEdit

She reappears in the not-much-of-a-sequel that is included with Muv-Luv Chornicles 4. This time, the setting is in the Unlimited timeline. Like always, this chick is calm and doesn't go amok like other Captains of HSST's do when shit goes wrong although it's been wrong. She later on tells her last divers, Ellen Aice and Josset Danbellecoux that her HSST cannot re-enter Earth due to damaged heat panels caused from a crash early on the story. She promises them as her last divers to successfully return them both to Earth.

The Day AfterEdit

Episode 02 Edit

Makes an appearance at the opening of the food plant having heard that Ellen Aice would be there. When she meets Ellen though, she says it's the wrong person. Ellen quickly covers this up by telling Hibiki that there was another person in her unit called Ellen Aice. Technically none of this is a lie.

Episode 03Edit

Riina is first seen onboard the SHADOW defense control satellite as she apprehends the French sympathizer that launched the nuclear weapon. She attempts to force the weapon to disentigrate, but the codes were changed. When the French forces at NORAD tried to contact the space station to fire a second nuclear missile, she alerts them that the UN has officially recaptured the space facility. When they attempt to bribe her with the promise to send an HSST to retrieve her from space, she refuses.


"I'm counting on you, Aquilas."

"I want you two to be my last divers"

"I will make sure you two make it back alive, no matter what!"

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