The relic Unified Game Platform engine.

An engine that makes miracles possible, and powers all things age. Capable of bringing nearly any topic to life, from the most inane slice of life, to the most soul crushing despair inducing action; there is no challenge it can't stand up to, be it Sports, Mecha Action, Fantasy Action, Musical Performances, Comedy, High-speed Downhill Races, and anything else you could possibly think of.

No one is quite sure where it came from. Some say that it was unearthed at the site of an ancient ruin where many devices similar to the Antikythera Mechanism were found. Others say that Kouki recieved it by forming a pact with an ancient devil[1]. And yet others still, say that it came to Kouki after a ritual where multiple goats, newborn infants, hereditary houses that were to be sold for capital to develop more games, and his own twin brother were sacrificed in order to summon a God, and what was called was rUGP.

If rUGP has one flaw, it's that due to its extreme power, there exists no machine or platform capable of running more than one instance of it, as for every additional instance past the first one the resources required to run it are multiplied by 10^37.

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