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The Advanced Tactical Surface Fighter/Technology And Research Project (popularly known as Project Prominence) is an international pilot corps of TSF pilots assembled at the United Nations' Yukon Base in Alaska, their primary purpose being to test-pilot several different TSFs outfitted with upgraded or pioneer technology to determine their usefulness in the 30-year war against the BETA, and also as an example of international cooperation in TSF technology development.

The project, as well as its assets, whether permanent or on loan, are commanded by the United Nations' Operation Test and Evaluation Command. Their main R&D headquarters is located in Alaska, Yukon Base, with Colonel Klaus Haltwick as the chief supervisor.

Notable members include US Army 2nd Lieutenant Yuuya Bridges, a graduate of the TOPGUN Surface Pilot training program, Royal Guards Lieutenant Takamura Yui, a pilot from Imperial Japan placed in charge of spearheading the development of their next-generation frontline unit, and Inia Sestina and Cryska Barchenowa, Soviet espers from Alternative III that were assigned to the base as TSF test pilots.


Command PersonnelEdit

  • Le euro hero

    Colonel Claus Hartwick, project leader.

    Colonel Claus Hartwick
  • 2nd Lieutenant Rebecca Lindt

Participating UnitsEdit

United NationsEdit


Unit patch for all personnel assigned to Project PROMINENCE.

Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsEdit

United States of AmericaEdit

Unified Front of ChinaEdit

African UnionEdit

Middle Eastern CoalitionEdit


  • Garuda Test Flight (F-18E)

Eastern European Socialist AllianceEdit

European UnionEdit


  • Unknown Test Flight (F-18)


  • Resheph Flight (F-4E)


  • Duma in the Swahili language, which is spoken in Africa, means Cheetah.
  • Azriel is the Archangel of Death in Islamic tradition.
  • Garuda means eagle in Sanskrit. It is a divine bird in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and it is the national symbol of both Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Graf is a title of the German nobility, which means count.
  • Slechvalk is the Dutch word for peregrine falcon.
  • Sleipnir in Norse mythology is an eight-legged horse which is the horse of Odin.
  • Garm is a watchdog in Norse mythology.
  • Resheph is the god of protection from plague and war in Ancient Egypt.