Nanase is the protagonist of Muv-Luv Alternative Faraway Dawn and it Sequel.The Captain rank commander of the Imperial Japanese Army Steel Lance Wing's Halberd Battalion and Halberd Squadron. Also, Nanase is the older brother of Nanase Rin. In Faraway Dawn, he pilots a Type-77/F-4J Gekishin; but latter change into a Type-94 Shiranui in Faraway Dawn 2.

During the Defence of Yokohama Base his Type-94 Shiranui reached operational limit due to combat and later commanded his unit to continue the mission without him, thus leaving him.

Presumed killed by Tank-class BETA.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nanase's seiyū is Honda Keigo
  • His callsign is Halberd 1.
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