Muv-Luv Wiki is a Muv-Luv Information Center created by Heparin on 5 August, 2011. Its objective is to serve the Muv-Luv fanbase with a thorough and concise resource of information concerning all aspects of the franchise, from the fictional to the scientific.

The idea for Muv-Luv Wiki came when it was realized that a lot of Muv-Luv information was being posted on various forums that was lost from topic to topic, or very unavailable to the mass (Side-story Materials, Gags,...). The Wiki also serves a dual purpose as a source of amusement.

What we need in a Muv-Luv Wiki MemberEdit

First, you have to be a fan of Muv-Luv at heart. Secondly, be responsible with your words. And that mean following these rules:

  • Only adding/editing information when you have a reliable source.
  • Careful with grammar (Google Chrome is recommend for its Automatic Spelling Correction).
  • Be polite with the fellow members. While this is the net, your word could still hurt other's feeling.
    • Inappropriate, inflammatory, racist, or otherwise destructive edits or commentary that will only breed conflict will be moderated. You can express your opinions without offensive remarks and still have a fair discussion with other wiki users.
  • Given that this is the English Muv-Luv wiki, articles should stay written in English. If you are interested in translating information into a different language, it is suggested to create a sister wiki site using the English wiki template (or create your own style!).

To put it simply in Heparin's word: "Someone who keeps a low profile and adds important information, like Japanese sources, scans, pictures, interviews/transcripts, summaries or cleans up articles."