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Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse is an anime adaptation of the Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse light novels serialized in Tech Gian, that began airing on July 1, 2012.


The anime takes place at the United Nations' Yukon Base under the command of the UN's Operation Test and Evaluation Command, where elite pilots participate in Project PROMINENCE, an international corps of Surface Fighter pilots to test-pilot different prototype TSFs outfitted with upgrades or pioneer technology to determine their usefulness in the war against the BETA. The project is also meant to serve as an example of international cooperation in TSF technology development.

The anime centers around Yuuya Bridges, a half-Japanese American elite pilot, who is known for an intense disdain for the Japanese (primarily due to his Japanese father leaving his mother in his childhood), sent to Yukon to participate in Project PROMINENCE as part of Argos Test Flight.


  • Original Creator: Kouki Yoshimune (ixtl/age)
  • Executive Producer: Kouki Yoshimune
  • Director: Takayuki Inagaki/Masaomi Ando
  • Series Composition: Takayuki Inagaki
  • Character Design: Yumiko Hara
  • Chief Animation Director: Kenji Shinohara, Rondo Mizukami
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music: Seikou Nagaoka
  • Animation Production: ixtl x Satelight

Featured Music[]

Theme Song[]

  • First Opening Theme: Go to the top Lyrics, Performance: Koda Kumi / Composition, Arrangement: CLARABELL
  • First Ending Theme (ep.1-16, 18-19, 25): signs 〜朔月一夜〜 (signs ~Sakutsuki Hitoyo~) Lyrics, Composition: Yusuke Kato / Arrangement : Seikou Nagaoka / Performance: Minami Kuribayashi
  • Episode 17 Ending Theme/Episode 24 Insert Song: スノウメヰデン (Snow Maiden) Lyrics: Aki Hata / Composition, Arrangement: Masaaki Iizuka / Performance: Aki Misato
  • Second Opening Theme: Doubt the World Lyrics: Aki Hata / Composition, Arrangement: Yosuke Yamashita /  Performance: Minami Kuribayashi
  • Second Ending Theme (ep. 20-24): Revise the World Lyrics: Aki Hata / Composition: Yusuke Kato / Arrangement: Seikou Nagaoka / Performance: ayami

Insert Song[]

  • Episode 3/16 Insert Song: NO PLACE LIKE A STAGE Lyrics: Kishou Taniyama / Composition, Arrangement: Masaaki Iizuki / Performance: GRANRODEO
  • Episode 4 Insert Song: True 4 Eyes〜 Chase of Tactical Surface Fighter:Remix Ver. 〜 Lyrics, Performance: Minami Kuribayashi / Composition: Anprovidence Project / Arrangement: Yasuo Otani
  • Episode 5/23 Insert Song: Apocalypse of Destiny Lyrics: Nobuhito Ikehata / Composition: Project Prominence / Arrangement: Yosuke Yamashita / Performance: ayami



Guylos McCloud Keith Blazer Leon Kuze Sharon Heim Vincent Lowell Yuuya Bridges


Cui Yifei Lee Linmei Lou Yahua Wang Shaofeng


Total Eclipse's Cast

Natalie Duclert




Phoebe Theodorakis


Niram Rawamunando


Silvio Orlandi Valerio Giacosa


Iwami Aki Iwaya Eiji Kai Shimako Noto Izumi Takatsukasa Kyoko Takamura Yui


Tarisa Manandal


Jerzy Sandek


Cryska Barchenowa Fikatsia Latrova Inia Sestina Nastassja Ibanova


Giselle Adjani Ibrahim Doğulu Valentine


Lida Canales


Stella Bremer



トータル・イクリプス 「本予告」映像


No. Title Original airdate
01 "The Imperial Capital Burns - Part One"

"Teito Moyu (zenpen)" (帝都燃ゆ (前編))

2 July 2012

In 1967, humanity first encounters a hostile alien race called the BETA on the Moon. Despite their attempts to stop them, the BETA make landfall on Earth in 1973, which leads to a long, grueling 30-year war where the BETA manage to conquer almost the entire Eurasian continent while humanity can only stall them and slow down their progress. In 1998, Yui Takamura is a student of the Kyoto Royal Guard Academy where she studies to become an Imperial Guard TSF pilot along with her friends Iwami Aki, Noto Izumi, Kai Shimako, and her rival-turned-friend Yamashiro Kazusa. As the situation on the Korean front turns dire, Yui's uncle Iwaya Eiji meets with Koubuin Yuuhi of the Shogunate's Koubuin family to discuss a new weapon that might help turn the tide against the BETA. As Yui and her friends improve themselves in TSF combat training, the Korean peninsula is overrun by the BETA. As the Korean front falls and the BETA invade the Japanese isles, Yui and her fellow cadets are ordered to assist the IJA/MDF in defending the capital of Kyoto. 

02 "The Imperial Capital Burns - Part Two"

"Teito Moyu (kōhen)" (帝都燃ゆ (後編))

9 July 2012

Despite the help provided by the US Navy, the Japanese forces are unable to stop the BETAs due to their massive numbers. forcing the military to perform scorched earth tactics on Kyoto to destroy them. When their supply base has been overrun by the BETA, Yui's teammates and friends are killed in combat one by one; Aki is smashed by a Destroyer-class BETA, and Shinmako is shot down by a Laser-class BETA, and their retreat from the battlefield is marked by further casualties and the death of the squad leader, forcing Yui to take charge. Later on, Izumi and Kazusa's TSFs crash in Kyoto; Izumi is eaten by Soldier-class BETA, while Kazusa suffers a similar fate at the hands of the Tank-class BETA right before Yui's eyes. As Yui is about to suffer the same fate as Kazusa, she is rescued by a Type-00 Takemikazuchi, which easily destroys the Tank swarm just befoore Yui falls unconscious. Yui later awakes, and upon learning of the heavy casualties, mourns for her friends. Three years later, Yui, now a Lieutenant in the Japanese Imperial Japanese Royal Guard, heads to Yukon Base, in Alaska, to begin a new chapter in Japanese TSF development. 

03 "Verdant Yukon"

"Sōsōtaru yūkon" (錚々たるユーコン)

16 July 2012

US test pilot Second Lieutenant Yuuya Bridges and his friend, engineer corps Sergeant Vincent Lowell transfer to Yukon Base, Alaska to be part of the United Nations' Project PROMINENCE, a program which aims to test and experiment new TSF technology gathered from all over the world. During their trip, they encounter a fight between an F-15・ACTV Active Eagle and an Su-37UB Terminator, and are almost involved in an aerial accident as the two TSFs conclude their reckless duel, ending in the Active Eagle being shot down. Yuuya and Vincent are assigned to the Argos Test Flight, which aims to develop a new TSF for Japan. Yuuya is introduced to the multinational Argos Test Flight; the Turkish commander Ibrahim Doğulu, Nepali Tarisa Manandal, Italian Valerio Giacosa and Swedish Stella Bremer and Development Chief Takamura Yui. Tarisa quickly refuses to accept Yuuya as the new leader of Argos Flight due to the fact he has never fought in the front lines unlike the rest of them, and to settle things, Yuuya proposes a two-on-two TSF duel, with him and Stella against Tarisa and Valerio. To make things fair, he allows Tarisa to pilot the test flight's remaining Active Eagle, while the others make do with F-15E Strike Eagles. Yuuya uses his tactical genius and teamwork with Stella to defeat Valerio and Tarisa, which makes the latter finally accepts him. Later, Yuuya encounters Yui, and is angered when she tells him bluntly that his duel was not impressive, but disappointing. 

04 "A Flock of Hazy Moons"

"Oborodzuki no mure" (朧月の群れ)

23 July 2012
Tensions grow between Yuuya and Yui over their countries' different combat doctrines and Yui commenting over his Japanese heritage, which further angers Yuuya due to the racist treatment he suffered as an American-Japanese during his childhood. Ordered to fly a Type-97 Fubuki with the rest of Argos Test Flight in JIVES combat against the BETA, Yuuya is unable to get use to the Fubuki's oversensitive controls and is unable to keep up with the test flight. After another heated argument with Yui, Yuuya meets Inia Sestina, a Soviet Russian pilot from Idol Test Flight and one of the "Scarlet Twins". Inia befriends Yuuya and invites him to see her teddy bear Misha at the Soviet sector of the base; however, this gets Yuuya into trouble when Inia's co-pilot, Cryska Barchenowa has Yuuya apprehended, believing him to be a spy. As he is about to be tortured by Soviet interrogators, Yuuya is ordered to be released thanks to Yui's intervention. Inia stills wants to be friends with Yuuya despite Cryska telling her to stay away from him. The next day, Yuuya begins piloting the  Shiranui Second Phase 1
05 "The Right Stuff"

"Tadashiki shishitsu" (正しき資質)

30 July 2012
Still disappointed at Yuuya's performance on piloting Japanese TSFs, Yui gives some advice to him using the proverb "A man and his horse are one", meaning that he shouldn't force the TSF to do things his way, but instead get used to and manipulate his TSF based on its physical quirks. Vincent suggest he should listen to it since he and Yui are not so different; both having a cold attitude but a kind side which they are too stubborn to show. As Argos Test Flight finishes another day of simulated combat, they suddenly encounter Yui piloting a Type-00F Takemikazuchi, which she uses to engage and quickly dispose of Tarisa, Valerio and Stella. Yui then fights against Yuuya in a melee battle, and finally understanding what Yui told him, Yuuya manages to use the Shiranui to disarm Yui's Type-00F, earning him the praise of his teamates, and Yui seeing him in a different light.
06 "Ultramarine"

"Gunjō" (群青)

6 August 2012
The crew of Project PROMINENCE, Argos and Idol Test Flights head to the UN's Guadeloupe Base in the West Indies to gather test flight data in tropical regions while having R&R at the resorts, and participating in a PR photo shoot to raise morale. Everything is going fine until a fight almost erupts between Inia and Tarisa which is settled by the overall commander suggesting that they settle things in a paddleboat race tomorrow. Yui and Cryska team up and are doing well when Cryska suddenly faints. Yuuya, who is paired with Vincent, spots them and swims over to help them, but a sudden storm forces the three to seek refuge in a cave on a nearby island. As Yuuya heads to check their boat, Cryska, wondering why Inia is interested with Yuuya, asks Yui what is her relationship with him, much to the latter's shock. 
07 "Wanderer's Whereabouts"

"Hyōhaku no yukue" (漂泊の行方)

13 August 2012
Yui is unable to answer Cryska why her partner Inia likes being with Yuuya and suggests she should ask him himself. Yuuya returns to the ladies, informing them that their boat was swept away by the storm. As Yuuya and Cryska heads out to figure out where they are, Cryska faints and is about to fall before Yuuya catches her. Cryska reveals she has a fear being near the ocean, hence her recent fainting spells. However, Yui arrives and mistakenly thinks that Yuuya and Cryska are hugging, which makes her jealous. As all three of them are back in the cave, Cryska asks why Yuuya doesn't like being called a Japanese. Yuuya tells Cryska with Yui listening that it is due to his Japanese father; his father left his American mother before he was born and never came back which angered his maternal grandfather to believe the Japanese are scum that shouldn't be trusted. Rescue finally arrives for the three when Inia, Tarisa, Valerio and Stella find them in their TSFs. For troubling everyone, the resort's commander has Yui, Cryska and Inia participate in a swimsuit photoshoot for the troops while the Argos crew bothers Yuuya if anything happen between him and Yui. 
08 "Far East Battle Lines"

"Kyokutō sensen" (極東戦線)

20 August 2012
Project PROMINENCE heads to the Kamchatka frontlines to gather test flight data in cold regions and their first live battle data with the BETA, along with Yui being pressured by both the UN and Japanese government to test her uncle's new weapon, the EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher. The Argos crew notice that Yuuya and Yui are now more friendlier with each other and support it. Yui shows Yuuya the railgun and tells him to abandon it and escape to safety should something bad happens during the test and destroy it to prevent other nations from copying it, but he assures her that both he and railgun will come back. As he heads back to his quarters, he discovers Cryska and Inia being accosted by a group of young Soviet pilots. The pilots express their hatred for Russians like Cryska and Inia due to the fact when the Soviet Union fell to the BETA, the Russians were the first to get refuge in Alaska while non-Russian races like the Georgians and Kazakhs were left behind and were forced to fight the BETA themselves. Cryska is unable to defend Inia due to a serious headache, but when one of the pilots attempts to rape Inia, Yuuya attacks him. The pilots are about to surround Yuuya when their commanding officer orders them to stand down and leave. The next day, Ibrahim briefs the Argos, Idol and Bao-Feng Test Flight crews on where they will be doing their tests during an upcoming BETA incursion and introduces the woman whose battalion will be protecting them; Lieutenant-Colonel Fikatsia Latrova of the Zhar Battalion,  and the officer who saved Yuuya, Cryska and Inia. 
09 "Falling Tears"

"Rakurui" (落涙)

27 August 2012
Latrova tells the UN crews to do their tests while her battalion protects them and not to interfere with her job. Cryska, now better but seemingly having no memory of the events of yesterday, is again confronted by the unruly Soviet pilots of Zhar Battalion, but easily armlocks one of the pilots who attacked them and warns them to stay away from her and Inia, or she will kill them. On the day of the test, Yuuya is nervous since this will be his first real battle. The Zhar pilots mock him for his inexperience, but the rest of Argos crew ensures they will protect him while he tests the EML-99X. As the BETA invade the coast, Yui realize something is wrong when she notices there is not enough ground forces protecting the Flight crews. Yui asks her Soviet counterpart to call for reinforcements, unaware that reinforcements won't come as the Soviet higher-ups want the railgun test to fail, even at the cost of Latrova's battalion. Realizing they will be overrun soon, Yuuya convinces Latrova to order everyone to fall back so he a clear line of fire for the railgun, which she does after realizing her superior's plan to sacrifice her pilots. With everyone falling back, Yuuya fires the EML-99X, which destroys a vast majority of the invading BETA. As everyone celebrates, Yui tells Yuuya that she's glad he's safe and tells him to return to base. 
10 "Premonition"

"Yochō" (予兆)

3 September 2012
Yuuya is given a heroes' welcome at the Kamchatka base, but the Zhar pilots don't see him as one when they were the ones doing the fighting. Realizing they are right, Yuuya asks Yui for a melee combat test in the next sortie. As he's put on standby, Yuuya encounters Latrova, who thanks him for saving their lives and gives him some advice before her second-in-command, Nastassja Ivanova, fetches her. With the railgun being in repairs and his TSF still under maintenance, Yui decides she will take over Yuuya in the next live battle test. However, Frank Heinemann of Boening, the liason of the company which was contracted to build Japan's newest TSF, insists on Yuuya being in the next test. Latrova briefs her pilots on their next mission, and more is revealed about her thoughts, with her thinking of the pilots as her children. Even as the UN flight crews and Zhar Battalion sortie against the BETA, the BETA have another force coming underground which arrives near the Kamchatka base, much to everyone's shock. 
11 "BETA Offensive"

"BETA Shingeki" (BETA進撃)

10 September 2012
A massive force of underground BETA is heading towards the Soviet forward base, and all base personnel scramble to pack up and leave. Yui stays behind to destroy the EML-99X; however, the Soviets intend to take it for themselves. With another mechanic who stayed behind, the two fortify the hangar housing the railgun and prepare to self-destruct the prototype weapon.
12 "The End of the Fight to the Death"

"Shitō no hate" (死闘の果て)

17 September 2012
Yui is trapped in the abandoned supply base, and the BETA have broken through the defense lines. With no hope of escape, she attempts to destroy the prototype cannon to keep it from falling into the hands of the Soviets
13 "The Value of Choice"

"Sentaku no taika" (選択の対価)

24 September 2012
Yuuya rescues Yui from the hangar, and tries to escape with the core for the EM Radiation Cannon. However, all the BETA suddenly start heading towards them, and they have to make a quick escape. 
14 "A Pilot's Honour"

"Eji no ichibun" (衛士の一分)

30 September 2012
Yuuya is forced to flee as the BETA overwhelm the base and Soviet bombers advance. With no hope of recovering the EM Cannon's core module, he staggers home as the Zhar Battalion launches a last-ditch effort to keep the entire Far East defense line from collapsing. 
15 "Hot-on-heels Cross"

"Oisugaru jūjika" (追い縋る十字架)

14 October 2012
The team returns safely to Alaska and throws a party to celebrate. The party is interrupted by the leader of the Chinese Bao Feng Squad, Cui Yifei, who shows a significant interest in Yuuya. 
16 "Pale Blue Flame"

"Aozameta homura" (蒼ざめた焔)

21 October 2012
In the first stage of the Blue Flag exercises, Argos Flight is pitted against the Chinese Bao Feng. With Tarisa flying the new Shiranui unit 2, Argos is badly outmatched, when Yuuya challenges their leader to a duel. 
17 "Dark Recollection"

"Honoguraki tsuioku" (仄暗き追憶)

28 October 2012
The Blue Flag exercises are in full swing, and America shows off its Raptor and its advanced stealth technology, but after the fight, Yuuya finds himself running from the MPs in the city after the Scarlet Twins tell him they need to talk to him urgently. 
18 "The Sound of Twisted Wings"

"Yugami no haoto" (歪みの羽音)

4 November 2012
Vincent wins big by betting on the first round of Blue Flag, and takes the whole Test Flight out for drinks. Yuuya sits in a corner and talks to the bartender. Meanwhile, Cui wants to talk to Lt. Takamura about Yuuya. 
19 "Deep Green"

"Fukamidori" (深緑)

11 November 2012
To deal with the increasing rivalries between the nations competing in Blue Flag, the high ranking officers involved in the Prominence project decide to send the pilots on a wilderness backpacking trip where they encounter a hot spring. 
20 "The World Bares its Fangs"

"Kiba o muku sekai" (牙を剥く世界)

25 November 2012
Religious terrorists calling themselves the Refugee Liberation Front attack the UN base. 
21 "The Future Tears Open"

"Sakeru mirai" (裂ける未来)

2 December 2012
Chaos ensues and no one is sure what is going on, and who is attacking from where. The Argos Test Flight team meet up and attempt to repel a force attacking for seemingly unknown purposes. 
22 "Untainted Revenge"

"Kegare naki hōfuku" (汚れ無き報復)

9 December 2012
Yuuya fights 24 TSFs to buy time for the rest of Argos to escape, and is only saved by the timely intervention of Inia. 
23 "The Victory Song of the Dead"

"Shiseru-mono-tachi no gaika" (屍せる者たちの凱歌)

16 December 2012
A mass of BETA are rushing towards the Red Line. If they get there, Red Shift will activate and destroy Alaska. 
24 "White Darkness"

"Shiroi yami" (白い闇)

23 December 2012
Yuuya fights a final battle with the Scarlet Twins and the BETA to stop Red Shift from activating and destroying Alaska. The twins have had a brainwash involving drugs and hypnosis to reform their brains to attack and destroy what they care about instead of protecting it, in other words, to kill Yuuya. A climatic battle along with some issues with the BETA results in Takamura's TSF to run out of fuel and is unable to help Yuuya in his battle with the twins and in the end, Yuuya's TSF is impaled through the cockpit by a chain-bladed sword. His machine collapses in an embracing manner to its opponent as a dark liquid spurts from the back end of the cockpit. The twins revert back to their old selves having regained control after they realized that what they cared for most was destroyed by their own hands although Inia recovered before Yuuya was stabbed. Yuuya emerges a few minutes later, just shaken but not badly injured. In the refrain, Yui is recalled to Japan to report on the progress and possible termination of the Type-94 development project. 


Volume Episodes Release Date LE Bonus
1 1-2 September 28, 2012
  • Storyboards (300pp)
  • Special booklet (20pp)
  • Insert song CD
  2. True 4 Eyes ~ Chase of a Tactical Surface Fighter : Remix Version ~
  3. Apocalypse of Destiny
  • Audio commentary (Mai Nakahara, Kana Ueda, Mikako Takahashi, Ayumi Fujimura, Hisako Kanemoto)
  • Blu-ray & DVD buyer event lottery ticket
2 3-5 October 26, 2012
  • Blu-ray & DVD buyer event lottery ticket
  • Special Booklet (20pp)
  • Audio commentary
3 6-8 November 30, 2012
  • Special Booklet (20pp)
  • Audio commentary
4 9-11 December 21, 2012
  • Special Booklet (20pp)
  • Audio commentary
5 12-14 January 25, 2013
6 15-17 February 22, 2013
7 18-20 March 22, 2013
8 21-23 April 26, 2013
9 24+bonus footage May 24, 2013