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Last Divers is a side story included in the fourth volume of Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles. Even though the title bears similarity to Chicken Divers, it tells a different story - the two are connected by their themes.

This story takes place in the Unlimited timeline. The main characters are two UN Space Corps Orbital unit TSF pilots, Ellen Aice and Josset Danbellecoux, both hail from French Quebec, along with their HSST pilot Rina Tervo (referred to as Mother Goose 1).  


Spoiler Alert: This page contains details about plotlines described in the Visual Novels. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

The unit was participating in Operation Babylon as part of a follow-on force to eradicate any surviving BETA after the US Space Corps perform their mass drop of G-Bombs. However, due to the massive gravitational shift that occurred, the UN Space Corps fleet formation shatters. Another HSST collides with Mother Goose and kills her co-pilot, Maya Brendrel. After being stranded in orbit more than two weeks after "the day", the two orbital divers are released and thrown back to the "hell" that Mother Goose describes of the earth below.

Although they survive the reentry phase, Josset's Re-Entry Shell malfunctions as it fails to open. Ellen shoots the shell open but collides with the fragments, losing control of her TSF. Certain of her death, Ellen tells Josset to live and take her name for her own safety. Josset's father was a politician executed by the French rebel forces that have taken over the Quebec region, and staying with her real identity would mean certain risk.

Ellen's TSF plummets to the ground, killing her in the process. In front of Ellen's flaming wreckage, Josset promises to Ellen that she will take her name and will forsake the Danbellecoux family. With her combat knife, Josset cuts her hair to resemble her new identity. She swears to live a full life - for herself, for Rina and for Ellen.


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