Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Inhertiance (also translated as Succession) is a short story included in the Ayu-Mayu Alterantive fandisc. Its plot revolves around Isumi Akira as well as the rest of Michiru's family.


Throughout the story we learn that during the operation to seize Objective 21, Akira was a survivor of the unit saved by Ikaruga Takatsugu and his Imperial Guard forces. We are also introduced to the Alternative versions of two of the other Isumi sisters, Marika and Yayoi.

After the operation in Sadogashima, the Japanese government holds a funeral ceremony for those who perished in the so-called "Historical Victory for Humanity." Akira silently disapproves of this reasoning since, like with the taking of Objective 22, they had to rely on the dropping of multiple G Bombs (the public explanation for the XG-70b Susanoo II's self destruct). She realizes that Japan was only saved due to the actions of the UN Forces, which are in her mind a puppet of the United States.

Soon after the ceremony, Akira meets with her older sister, Marika, who is glad and thankful that Akira is still alive. During their conversation, Akira begins to slip into a post-traumatic flashback of the events on Sadogashima and eventually passes out.

After Akira recovers, she and Marika leave to an agreed location where they were to meet their other older sisters, Michiru and Yayoi - however, neither are there. Eventually Yayoi shows up, with a hollow smile on her face and hands the two sisters a letter she received from UN Forces command.

The other sisters learn that, officially, Michiru's death was listed as a training accident due to a Jump Unit explosion on December 25th, 2001. The sisters have no knowledge of Michiru's heroic sacrifice on Sadogashima, but Akira begins to doubt whether it was really an accident or perhaps Michiru was there fighting alongside them.

At the end of the story, we learn that Akira had eventually took part in the April 10th, 2003 operation to seize Objective 20.