Munakata Misae is a supporting character first appearing in Muv-Luv Alternative. She later appeared in the 2011 remake of Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu as a heroine.


Misae holds the rank of 1st Leutenant and she is the flight leader of Flight C of the Special Task Force A-01 9th Squadron (Isumi's Valkyries). Her callsign is Valkyrie-3. She is a good friend of Kazama Touko and acts as a mentor to Ayamine Kei. She has an easygoing personality and loves to tease other members of the Valkyries, especially Shirogane Takeru. Despite acting as a bit of a weirdo at first, it is later revealed that she is actually a closet romantic. During the defense of the Yokohama Base she is severely injured and is unable to take part in Operation Ouka.

Post-Ouka Edit

A year and a half after Operation Ouka, she made a full recovery from her injuries. Together with the other survivors of the Special Task Force, Misae was transfered to the Fuji Tactical Fighter Training Group. She was assigned to the 12th Squadron Urd with the rank of Captain (Callsign Urd-1) and took part in Operation Sledgehammer to capture Objective 20 while also testing the Test Type-02 Gekkou. Following this operation, she became the leader of the Valkyrie Squadron of the Fuji Tactical Fighter Training Group, piloting a Test Type-01 Shiranui Second, and, together with the rest of the surviving members of the original Valkyrie squadron, participates in the joint Japanese-Soviet assault against the Blagoveshchensk Hive.

Altered FableEdit

She first appears as Kouzuki Yuuko's back-up together with the rest of the Valkyries during the airsoft game and later reappears during the vacation in the tropical island where it is possible for a certain 'hero' to amorously touch her while trying to apply sun lotion to her back. She has the same personality as in Muv-Luv Alternative and usually appears with Touko.

Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu (2011)Edit

Misae is a second-year student who transferred from Kyoto in spring. As always she is a close friend with Touko. Her route was added later in the game as a free DLC.


  • Misae is well known to the fanbase for her line “as long as it feels good, anything is fine”.
  • Master of trolling ceremonies and closet romantic.


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