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Ilfriede von Feulner and Bernadette Le Tigre De La Rivière, overlooking the walls of Mont Saint-Michel.

The Mont Saint-Michel Fortress is a name given to a network of European Union military bases, encompassing the rocky tidal island where Mont Saint-Michel is located, at the mouth of the Couesnon River at Avranches, north-western France, and Saint-Malo, a walled port city located north-west of Mont Saint-Michel, Britanny, France. Also included in the network are military bases on the Channel Islands.

In 1984, the monks of the Benedictine, resigned to the inevitability of France becoming a battlefield and fearing for the potential loss of various religious articles and monastery artifacts located at the islands of Mont Saint-Michel, appealed to the European Union to move the religious articles and a portion of the architecture on the island to the Channel Islands, which were at that time being fortified by the United Kingdom to prepare for combat against the BETA.

While the intial going was slow, the decision to use TSFs to move some of the more physically cumbersome artifacts onto the Channel Islands allowed the monks to clear Mont Saint-Michel of most of their valued religious relics and important personnel. The monks themselves stayed put, however, and those that remained on Mont Saint-Michel established a temporary monastery on the basis of providing frontline troops with spiritual guidance and direction; they refused to budge even when Mont Saint-Michel was damaged in combat and partially submerged into the surrounding mud and silt in 1987, and the monks on the island and the Channel Islands turned down evacuation requests from the UK to relocate to the British mainland.

When the European Union began plans to recapture the European mainland and received command of the Channel Island bases from the United Kingdom, Mont Saint-Michel was choosen as the tip of the spear for their network of frontline bases in commemoration of its steadyfast conviction in the face of the BETA threat. With the permission of the monks of the Benedictine, the French government, and overwhelming support from the member nations of the UK, Mont Saint-Michel was reborn as the frontline base of the Mont Saint-Michel Fortress base network, alongside the bases on the Channel Islands. As a continuation of Mont Saint-Michel's traditions, each commander of the Mont Saint-Michel Fortress has been named a Knight of St. Michael since the Fortress' establishment as the vanguard of the European Union. 

Currently, Mont Saint-Michel is being used as a hosting base for DANCCT, a multinational TSF tactics and operation evaluation exercise organized by the United Nations.

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