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Wavy hair, slight curls (Pre-2001)
Wavy hair, slight curls, waist-length ponytail (Post-2001)
Petite body (Pre-2001)
Full-figured (Post-2001)

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F-4 Phantom (variant unknown)

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MLA Total Eclipse: Prayer of phantom

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May is a character appearing in the Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse spinoff manga Prayer of phantom.

As a person, May is very attached to her close friend, Iris, and often looks up to her for approval and confidence. She views Iris as a close friend at least, if not a sister figure.

May's skills in a TSF are largely centered around ranged support, which she is fairly decent in.

Total Eclipse: Prayer of phantom[edit | edit source]

May was originally a member of a TSF flight engaged in operational trials with F-4 Phantoms to produce an improved variant at Yukon Base, during the 1990s. As Iris' wingmate in their element pair, she was also involved in the development process as a test pilot; May's monologue prior to the final trial test revealed that the project was headed by a small frontline nation, which both May and Iris were from.

During the flyoff in Yukon Base's urban terrain battleground that would decide which upgrade plan would be used for the F-4s involved, May acted as Iris' support. When Iris was killed in an accident during the mock battle, May was extremely distraught; what became of her after the development project was sealed was not made known.

Yuuya Bridges encountered May in 2001, sometime during Blue Flag, when the simulator rooms were sealed for system maintenance due to the appearance of the "ghost F-4". Seeking to confirm the rumor of the "ghost F-4" for himself, Yuuya entered the simulator room only to find May wandering around. May enlisted Yuuya's help in finding the "ghost F-4", and both of them ended up battling against it when they encounter it in the simulation.

May briefly explained her circumstances to Yuuya, and managed to help him corner the "ghost F-4", who was revealed to be piloted by May's old friend, Iris. Despite the numerical advantage, May is quickly shot down, leaving Yuuya to engage Iris alone. Yuuya managed to defeat Iris, and May convinced her that their efforts have not been in vain; that within Yuuya's Shiranui Second are the results of their past labors. With Iris placated and convinced, the incident was ended.

Yuuya, however, did not manage to meet May and Iris upon exiting the simulation, leaving him alone to explain to XFJ Project leader Takamura Yui as to why he was utilizing the sealed simulator room without any form of permission. He also never learnt of May and Iris' backgrounds, the only closure of this incident being an archived picture on Yui's laptop, of an older May with another team of test pilots.

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