Annet and Martin visit Gretel in the infirmary.

Martin Karel (マルティン・カレル) is a character appearing in Schwarzesmarken Requiem Volume II. The high school sweetheart of Gretel Jeckeln, Martin and his family would be caught in the cross-hairs of then Lieutenant Beatrix Brehme when his parents attempted to expose how state-run enterprises had been taking shortcuts to keep up with war production, leading to fragrant violations of the law and pollution related sickness and deaths, especially among children. Contrary to what Beatrix implied to Gretel, she had spared Martin from the Stasi's purge of the Karels. Now effectively a nonperson, Martin was forced to go into hiding, eventually joining up with other dissidents. The rebellion would give him and Gretel a chance to reunite when he rescued her from a burning stasi archive.

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