Makabe Seijyurou

Makabe Seijyrou is the protagonist of Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Adoration, a Euro Front sidestory. Seijyrou has at least ten older brothers he looks up to and refers to their wisdom over the course of Adoration, and no younger siblings have been mentioned. In his final year of the two years long Imperial Royal Guard Eishi Cadet Officer school, he was sent to the European Union for a 10 day attachment on the front lines at Dover Base with the JA44 Zerberus Battalion of Germany, as part of the foreign exchange program for elites. On completion of this attachment he will graduate, and would be assigned to a front line unit on the battlefield to experience his first real battle and the 8 minutes of death.

Although he is treated as a kid on the story, he is actually just about as old as either Shirogane Takeru or Tatsunami Hibiki. The fact being that he is of Oriental descent is where he got his youthful appearance and lesser height than the German cast featured in Adoration. Thus, it can be safely assumed he is of the same age or just a year younger than Ilfriede von Feulner, Helgarose von Falkenmeyer, and Lunateresia von Wizleden.

On one of the mornings that the Ilfriede/Seijyuurou waking up moments occur, Seijyuurou seriously states he is an adult (Ilfriede was using a figure of speech the he has grown up as a kind of teasing/joke).

It is suggested in the ending that Helgarose knew his true age, due to this she gets exasperated at Ilfriede's terminal case of blonde given that she had been thinking he was a elementary school child (Luna thought he was of lower High School age. They both did not bother to go through the profiles provided on Seijyurou. Ilfriede had made promises that Seijyurou most probably intended as a vow of love, while Ilfriede thought they were merely a promise of friendship.) Ilfriede's and Luna's reaction to this revelation is left up to the reader's imagination as the scene fades to black with Ilfriede trying to get an answer out of Helga, who walks away saying "Seijyurou, he went back with many pleasant memories. Lets leave it at that".

Seijyurou, years later, ends up in command of a battalion of Type-00 Takemikazuchi called the Wolf Blades, which he leads as Wolf Knive 1. Seijyurou still treasures the memories of that time, keeping the memento he received close to him. He also recalls the promise made with Ilfriede, while realistically setting it aside as a child promise. After getting Commissioned it is later stated that he is a major in the IRG few years after. (Said in Euro Front)

Also compared by many with Lelouch vi Britannia as a grade scholarsamurai.

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