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A US-based TSF manufacturer, Lockweed Mardin is best known for having worked on the HI-MAERF project with North Americana and McDaell Doglam. Their work continued well after American interest in the project had cooled, as they had sent technicians to participate in Alternative IV as support crew for the XG-70 units during 2001.


Tactical Surface FighterEdit

While Lockweed Mardin was not initially responsible for the design and manufacturer of the A-12, merger issues that transpired during its development phase resulted in Lockweed Mardin being given the responsibility to complete the project.
Lockweed Mardin's most well-known TSF design, the (in)famous F-22A Raptor represents the technological and military might of the USA.
A next-generation lightweight TSF designed and manufactured by Lockweed Mardin, the F-35 is currently being marketed for export, mainly towards nations on the frontlines of combat.


  • This company's name and in-universe history are based off the real-world Lockheed Martin.