Kashiwagi Haruko
柏木 晴子 (かしわぎ はるこ)

Kashiwagi Haruko Leisure Full Body.png
Haruko, in her casual outfit.

Kashiwagi Haruko Swimsuit Full Body.png
Haruko, in her swimsuit.

Haruko Alternative UN Uniform.png
Haruko, in her UN dress uniform.

Haruko Alternative Fortified Suit.png
Haruko, in her Type-99 UN suit.

Haruko Chronicles 03.png
Haruko, redrawn in the new art direction.

Birthday October 10
Nationality Japanese
Relations Taichi (Younger brother)
Kenji (Youngest brother)
Shirogane Takeru (Lover, AF)
Features Shoulder-length blue hair
Green irises
Fair-skinned, slim build
TSF Type-94 Shiranui
Type-97 Fubuki
Voice Actor Natsuno Mikoto
Game Appearance Muv-Luv
Muv-Luv Supplement
Muv-Luv Alternative
Muv-Luv Altered Fable
Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Resurrection
Manga Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative
Anime Appearance Akane Maniax

Kashiwagi Haruko is a supporting character first appearing inMuv-Luv Extra and later became a supporting character in Muv Luv Alternative. Due to her popularity she first became a romance-able heroine inMuv-Luv Supplement, got an entire game that focuses on her, and had her own route in the fandisk Muv-Luv Altered Fable.

Extra[edit | edit source]

She first appears during the Lacrosse match of Muv-Luv Extra as the goalkeeper of Takeru's team. She is an athletic person, originally a member of the Basketball Club (her position is point guard). She has a cheerful and easygoing personality which makes her popular with both men and women. She has two younger brothers, whom she loves to tease.

Alternative[edit | edit source]

Haruko plays a much bigger role in Alternative. She holds the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and she is a member of Flight C of the Special Task Force A-01 9th Squadron (callsign Valkyrie-6). Her position is Impact Guard. Before becoming a member of the Valkyries she was a member of training squad 207A and she is one of the last two remaining members, the other being Suzumiya Akane, that is still in active service. Her personality is the same as Extra but she is further developed. She acts as a big sister and a mentor to Takeru and from their conversations he finds out more about her and her family than he ever learned in his old world. Takeru praises her team spirit and her ability to analyze difficult situations as well as that she is a quick thinker.

Unfortunately, she becomes another casualty when she gets killed by a Fort-class BETA during the operation to retake Sadogashima.

Altered Fable[edit | edit source]

She plays a much bigger role than Extra, having her own route. She actively participates in whatever activities Takeru and his group do and at some point admits that she has, like the rest his company, romantic feelings for him and tries to win his affection.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fembro of the broest caliber.
  • Appears to have some experience with men before Takeru.
  • Favourite food is a Chinese rice bowl.
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