You heard right!
Stalker-kun is why we can't have nice things

Bitches and whores...

Marimo Jinguuji was seen eating with another man!

Now you and I both know that we can't have that happening! No, that's against the RUUUUUUUUURRRUUUUUUUS. Lucky for us, Stalker-kun here is quite adept at dealing with rule-breakers.

Go get 'em, Stalker-kun!

Origins of the Gag ArticleEdit

Eating with another man

It is best left unexplained, but since a lot of people don't understand the reference, here's a light spoiler explanation:

CHOMP happened during Alternative. The result was the creation of quantum information of "EATING", "FUCK NO" (and it's variants Type-77 "OH HELL NO", Type-97 "FOR FUCKS SAKE" and Type-94 "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS") and finally "PIECES EVERYWHERE".

Shirogane then returned to Extra, but he was a CC so the information of CHOMP came with him.

He spent a lot of time with Marimo and the CHOMP information flowed into her. They later spent a nice time at a restaurant "EATING". The two split their ways before the rest of the information could be created.

The world looked at Marimo and thought: Hang on, according to this CC information, some quantum data is missing, we need to fix this!

So the world fucked around a bit and Mr. Stalker completed  the "PIECES EVERYWHERE" part.

Next day TV broadcast "Jinguuji-sensei was seen EATING with another man" and gave the final piece "FUCK NO" (and its variants) and to everyone still standing.

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Jingujii-sensei Stalker-kun wgah'nagl fhtagn