Inghild Bronikowski

Inghild, in her BDUs

Inghild, in her fortified suit. Anime adaptation.

Inghild, from the back. Anime adaptation.

Birthday February 5th
Nationality East German
Relations N/A
TSF MiG-21 Balalaika
Voice Actor Kaori Fukuhara
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Leutnant (2nd LT) Inghild Bronikowski is a minor character in Schwarzesmarken. A member of the 666th TSF Squadron Schwarzesmarken, her call sign was Schwarzesmarken 07. Born into a Junker background, she was constantly bullied growing up and came to hate herself for it. When her best friend, the war driven Anett Hosenfeld signed up for the Nationale Volksarmee, Inghild was quick to follow.

The two friends would attend the same pilot school with Theodor Eberbach and graduate in the same class. Inghild was mortally wounded when a Grappler-Class severely damaged the frame of her MiG-21. After judging her injuries to be beyond help, Irisdina Bernhard put Inghild out of her misery.

Inghild fell in love with a young pilot named Marco Farner. Marco was born in the same town as her, and the two entered a relationship after he confessed to her. The romance ended abruptly with Marco's death and it became a painful memory for Inghild and Anett. 

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