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Ibrahim Doğulu is a side character featured in the Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse series.

A Turkish 1st Lieutenant, he had previously lost many subordinates on the European front, making his first priority the safety of his pilots. An observant person with a calm demeanour, Ibrahim often knows more than he lets on.

He has an informal moniker, the "Hero of Rhodes". Within the Turkish Army, he holds the rank of Captain.

Total Eclipse[]

Little is known of his days before his assignement to Project PROMINENCE, except that he had participated in the Battle of Rhodes as the commander for the first squadron, second flight of the Turkish Army's 94th Tactical Armor Battalion Cobra, on the 18th of September , 1993. In an unspecified incident, he lost a fair number of men in trying to rescue a group of refugees.

Sometime later, he was assigned to the United Nations, and became part of Project PROMINENCE as the chief development pilot for the F-15・ACTV Active Eagle, prior to the introduction of the XFJ Program to the pilots of Argos. When the XFJ Program was officially started, he became a commanding officer in the test flight's command crew, working with Royal Guard Lieutenant Takamura Yui to plan the test flight's schedule and the progress of the XFJ Program.

While he did not actively participate in piloting duties after the arrival of US Army 2nd Lieutenant Yuuya Bridges, he nonetheless retained a sharp mind, and was able to quickly deduce the true purpose of the events that occured during the ц-04 Frontline Supply Base Incident. During Blue Flag, he also led the pilots of Argos through several briefing sessions, using his experience as a former combat pilot to help them prepare for their upcoming matches.

Prior to the Yukon Base Incident, Ibrahim, was conversing with Captain Jerzy Sandek when the Refugee Liberation Front launched their assault. Trapped in the main UN command building, Ibrahim evaded his enemies long enough to attempt to contact external allied forces several times. Even when found by RLF force led by Valentine, Ibrahim held fast against the insurgent leader's pleas, well aware of his reputation amongst Middle-Eastern refugees, but unwilling to sacrifice his morality for vengance. Escaping from Valentine, he managed to rescue Lieutenant-Colonel Budomir Rogofsky in the nick of time, and later met up with Soviet/US special forces storming the building. However, he was too late to prevent the RLF from silencing themselves, as well as the two remaining UN officials still held hostage within, arriving to a control room filled only with corpses.

It was known that he later participated in Operation Ouka, and piloted an F-16 Fighting Falcon during the battle, leading allied forces in combat.