Gretel Jeckeln

Gretel BDU 1
Gretel, in her fatigues.

Gretel Fortified Suit 1
Gretel, in her fortified suit.

Gretel bdu anime
Gretel, in her fatigues,outline sketch for anime

Birthday July 12, 1962
Nationality East German
Relations Martin Karel (love interest)
Features Black, long hair
Blue eyes
Slim build
TSF MiG-21 Balalaika
Voice Actor Kiyono Yasuno
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Kommisarischer Oberleutnant (Commisar 1st LT) Gretel Jeckeln is a character that appears in Schwarzesmarken. She is a member of the 666th TSF Squadron Schwarzesmarken, her call sign is Schwarzesmarken 04.

She is the political officer (commissar) attached to the 666th TSF Squadron to monitor morale and more importantly to ensure loyalty and that the squadron carries out its tasks in accordance to the will of the party and the people. As a political officer, she can supersede and countermand orders issued by the squadron CO. She also has the power to carry out summary executions on deserters and such.

It is her responsibility to send a copy of all the voice recordings in every TSF while on missions to her superiors in Berlin - as such, she is allowed to monitor all open and private communications within the squadron. She takes her job seriously, but has been around the battlefield long enough to know when to turn a blind eye. Even though she has seen plenty of combat, Gretel is still somewhat lacking in skill in comparison to many of the others in the 666th. Like the rest of her squad, she hates the Stasi.

After Operation Neptune,she was aware of a fact that Stasi was proceeding a dangerous plan. She turned to support Irisdina in order to stop Stasi.

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