Gerhart von Ralerstein


Birthday May 30
Voice Actor Kuroda Takaya

Stylish AS FUCK

A captain of the 44th Cerberus in command of the 2nd Squadron "Rot", Gerhard is the gentlemanly and semi-eccentric "Sonic Baron", one of the "Seven Heroes of Britain". A great squash referee, he is also excellent at reading in-between the lines when it comes to human interaction, and his moustache is considered legendary amongst the members of the 44th.

Despite his excellent skills in close-combat, Gerhard usually takes up a rearguard position to avoid conflicting with Wilfried's point-man position during operations.

His red Typhoon, together with his unique looks, personality, and custom-red pilot suit, makes him as recognizable as heroes come.

In short, the Sonic Baron is. FABULOUS. AS. FUCK.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Ha Ha Ha Ha! Whatever stands before me, shall be cleaved!"

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