Special materials made by the BETA, presumably to be sent to the Creators, via launch from the center shaft of a BETA Hive. The technical name, Element Gray, is named after the guy who discovered it at the Ros Alamos National Lab, Doctor William Gray. There are probably at least 11 different types, based on some of Yuuko's lines. G-Elements have a tendency to appear as glowing blue material.

G-Elements enable the creation and operation of advanced technology, and have a variety of effects:

  • Gray 6 has negative mass.
  • Gray 9 is a room temperature superconductor, allowing for higher-grade technology like quantum computers, such as the 00 Unit in the Alternative IV plan
  • Gray 11 is used in the manufacture and function of Moorcock-Lechte Engines for equipping on HI-MAREF units, both to produce usable power and a gravity distorting Rutherford Field. By extension, Gray 11 is also used in the creation of the 5th Dimensional Effect explosive, the G-Bomb.
  • Possibly a faster-than-light propulsion system used in the Colony Ships of the Alternative V plan.
  • Creating a Causality Conductor.

There are many G-Element phenomenon observed with the BETA:

  • Creation of their Laser-class and Heavy Laser-class.
  • Used in BETA reactors, which are both power sources and their equivalent of a regional commander for local BETA groups.
  • The G-Elements in the walls of Hives might also be the source of hampered wireless communication, by absorbing certain electromagnetic wavelengths.