2nd Lt Farka Murenkamp

Leutnant (2nd LT) Farka Mürenkamp (ファルカ・ミュ-レンカンプ) is a character appearing in Schwarzesmarken. Lise Hohenstein's loyal wingman and subordinate, Farka was also one of the few friends Lise had in the Stasi. Still, Farka was not above acting as one of Lise's observers to insure her, and in Lise's route, Theodor's loyalty. Farka specialized in halberds, and was the equal of both Anett Hosenfeld and Theodor Eberbach in close quarters combat.

In the LN, Beatrix Brehme assigned Farka to aid Lise when she volunteered to capture Theo and Katia. Beatrix had hoped that Farka would act as a stabilizing influence on Lise's frayed mind.

Farka would later meet her end when she and Lise confronted Theo, Gretel, and Annet. While Lise fought Theo, Farka took on Gretel and Annet, even managing to down Gretel. While Farka's MiG-23 allowed her to gain an upper hand against Annet, Lise was immobilized by Theo. Farka rushed to the aid of her downed friend, but Annet intercepted her and hacked into Farka with her halberd while she was distracted. The resultant human gore pile from her first human kill would haunt Annet.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Farka does not appear in the anime or Katia's route in the visual novel.
  • Farka calls Lise senpai, and Lise calls Farka by her first name, something that Lise does not do for any of the other Stasi characters.
  • Farka expresses hatred for Heinz Axmann in Lise's route, suggesting a possible history between the two.
  • According to Lise's observations, many state traitors and vicious criminals served in the Werewolves. When she met Farka however, she found it difficult to comprehend how someone so young could kill so remorselessly. Even Lise did not want to imagine what history weighed her wingman down.
  • Farka is possible a Transcription mistake from Franka, the female Form of Frank.
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