Exogularity 01 001

Exogularity 01 is a magazine covering and adding information on Muv-Luv Alternative Strike Frontier as well as revealing events and concepts the timeline taking place after Muv-Luv Alternative in 2000's to 2040's. The magazine ends with a four page teaser of storyboards for a product tentatively titled as Muv-Luv Alternative New Beginning.

The Noble Seven's sacrifice bought enough time for humanity to recoup and launch a counter-offensive against the BETA. With their lasers negated by Rutherford fields, the BETA battlefield supremacy was broken. It was not long before hives across the world began falling into human hands and the BETA eradicated from Earth. The captured G-element supplies and reactors within these hives would become the basis for staggering human technological advancement.

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Human space assets bring the hurt down on the BETA.

Humanity then turned its eyes off planet. The Second Lunar War would see the Moon back under human control. Next was Mars, the focus of BETA activity within the inner planets. The BETA had a mighty presence here, with mature Phase 9 hives. Yet humanity had the ultimate high ground, and bombarded Mars from orbit during Operation Olympus.

With Earth secured, long festering resentments bubbled forth. Nationalism and genocidal ambitions erupted in globe spanning wars, and the hard won recovery was threatened. Along side old ethnic, religious, and nationalistic grievances were new ones between the unaltered and the post-humans. Millions died and humanity once again stared into the face of extinction.

At the same time, there had been a growing movement towards a united humankind that transcended the greed of individual nations and identity conflicts. A humanity that looked to the stars instead of focusing inwards. Those who had served in the UN military were likely to be especially sympathetic to these ideals. By 2044, the bloodshed compelled a group of nations to give up some of their sovereignty to form an international global government to finally bring peace to the war torn world.

After five years of warfare, the Union of Mankind's flag flies over Earth. Under the leadership of Superintendent Yashiro Kasumi, the Union would work to consolidate power and plan new efforts against the BETA. The Union had pinpointed a planet they believed to be home to the BETA's masters, the Siliconians. Rather than running or hiding, Kasumi decided to use the Union's new interstellar warpgate, Formalhaut, to make contact with the Siliconians. This envoy would be composed of individuals who were genetically related to the best and brightest figures in recent human history, including those of the Noble Seven...

Alternative Manga Edit

The events above are also referenced in the epilogue of the Alternative manga.


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