Age's attitude towards English

age's attitude towards English

The official international language, so you better speak in it or enable your real-time interpreter.

See the picture to the right, however. Sometimes used by the French and Italians as well.

And you're just an asshole foreigner who never got past the alphabet if you call it Engrish.






English in Alternative also gave us ROOOUUUUUUSIIIIIAAAAANNNNNNN CAARRRRLOOOOOORRRR and MUST BE AH RHEAL BAT-ESS, in addition to the first, the ever-famous, the incredible:

Your image is a shit of statics

Brabo Reader, this is Cormmand Phost. Your image is a shit of statics.


Euro FrontEdit

De ja vu. Same line comes back up in Euro Front #04,when Ilfriede tries to speak English(The UN mandated Language) to Bernadette, she utterly fails and gives up and says "Scheiße Englisch" Or literally translated to English can eat shit.WOW JUST WOW.BUT ALL ENGLISH SPEAKERS WILL LET THAT SLIDE BECAUSE ILFRIEDE IS A HOT CHICK.

Rain Dancers Edit

In Rain dancers it is mentioned again. After seeing Monica Giacosa humming in English Hugh Winston reminded about when she used to say "English can eat shit!" to which she replies as shitty as it is its still the international language and she got used to it.

Origins of the Gag ArticleEdit

The "English" article is a combo of two things: One, âge's rather wonky pronounciation of any English-speaking moments in the original Muv-Luv games, and two, the heated manner in which the Japanese pilot tells the American that "English can eat shit" after being harassed to either speak in English, or to open his real-time intepreter, both of which the Japanese pilot apparently decided not to do seeing as they were fighting to restore Japanese glory, presumably with its language included, after all. It is also arguable that such hostility represents the grudge held by the japanese Eishi towards America due to their retreat during Japan's initial contact with the BETA . The pictures all depict an actual moment in-game.

There really is no way to know this unless you have heard it yourself. Be prepared for lulz.

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