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Note: For the TDA character, see Ellen Aice (The Day After)
Ellen Aice
Ellen Aice Last Divers

August 1st







Shoulder-length blonde hair, with single long ponytail
Pale pink irises
Fair-skinned, slim build with a sizable bust

Fighting Machine(s)

Unknown UN TSF

Voice Actress


Game Appearances

Last Divers

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Ellen Aice is a character that appears the Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After side story, Last Divers. Aice was a member of the UN Orbital Diver Corps prior to The Day and subsequently became trapped in space after Operation Babylon commenced. She was joined by her wingmate and close friend, Josset Danbellecoux.

Last DiversEdit

Ellen is first seen with Josset as both orbit high above a warped Earth in a damaged HSST. With them is the lone operator of the craft, Rina Tervo (aka Mother Goose 1), who has kept them up-to-date on the situation of the planet below. Rather than die a slow death of asphyxiation, the three decide it is best to launch the Re-entry Shell containing the pilots and their TSFs back down to the surface. Two weeks after Babylon, the pilots prepare to drop into the "hell" Rina describes the Earth has become.

At first, there are no problems as the two successfully detach from the HSST and begin their descent. Unfortunately, upon entering the atmosphere, Josset's shell malfunctions and refuses to break apart. Ellen comes to her aid by dangerously maneuvering her own TSF close to the shell and breaking it apart with her Assault Cannon. Josset is freed, but the fragments collide with Ellen and prevent her from stabilizing her own descent.

Faced with certain death, Ellen pleads with Josset to take her name for her own safety. From the reports they received in space, French rebels had assassinated Josset's father, a politician in Quebec, after seizing control of the province. With tensions high between the US and Canada, there was too much risk in her trying to claim refuge in either country with her identity.

Aice's doomed TSF eventually falls to the Earth's surface, the impact killing her instantly. Her death had a profound impact on the life of her friend she left behind. Thanks to her advice, Josset was able to escape persecution from both the Canadian and American forces and find refuge in the service of the IJMDF, under her name as Ellen Aice.


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