Axel Björker




Assumed Swedish


None named


Short blond hair
Black Eyes

Character Voice

Tetsuya Matsumoto

Game Appearances

Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Chicken Divers

Manga Appearances

Anime Appearances

Axel Björker is a side character in the featured in Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Chicken Divers.

Chicken Divers[edit | edit source]

Axel is a 1st Leutenant of the 6th Orbital Diver Corps' Aquila Squadron, callsign Aquila 2, and he pilots an F-15E Strike Eagle. Before droping as a Chicken Diver at Operation 21st he had participated together with Henri Gischen (Aquila 1) in Orbital Drop operations at Lyons and Laos. Both times they were dropped by 1st Lieutenant Rina Tervaux's HSST and despite the fact that Orbital Divers have by far the highest casualty rates they have survived. Unfortunately, this is their last operation because, like all the other Orbital divers participating in the battle, they perished. .

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