Anett Hosenfeld

Anett BDU 1
Anett, in her BDU fatigues.

Anett Fortified Suit 1
Anett, in her fortified suit.

Annette Civvies
A portrait of Anett in her casual outfit

Anett bdu anime
Anett, in her BDU fatigues,outline sketch for anime

Birthday August 19, 1964
Nationality East German
Relations N/A
Features Short, Orange hair
Green eyes
Small build.
TSF MiG-21 Balalaika
Voice Actor Chika Anzai
Kerstin Dieterich (german)
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Leutnant (2nd LT) Anett Hosenfeld is a member of the GDR's 666th TSF Squadron, Schwarzesmarken. Her call sign is Schwarzesmarken 06. She suffers from PTSD, as a result of having her three best friends killed within 3 days of their first deployment. She despises Theodor because she believes that he abandoned her and her friends and left them to die during that battle.

As the only Type-77 blade user in the squadron, she was a straight girl and proficient in close combat. Her best friends' death mentally shocked her, but after overcoming her sadness and shell shock, she returned to the army.

She appears to despise the Western Germans. This is seen during a fight with Kirke Steinhoff following an operation where the 666th engaged in melee combat with the BETA, despite the other UN and EU forces using artillery to clear out the BETA. Endangering the 666th pilots. She states that Kirke and the West Germans are just "American Dogs". This seems to lessen and Anett becomes more accepting of the West Germans and even seems to be a friend of Kirke later on.

Her parents suggested her that she should go to start kendou fencing training, so she went to a kendou fencing school everyday after class.This experience taught she how to use a sword and enforced her heart.

Annet is revealed to have been promoted to Captain after the events of Schwarzesmarken in Kirke's novella.

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