Jürgen discussing his plans with Abel.

Abel Brehme (アーベル・ブレーメ) is a major antagonist appearing in Bernhard im Schatten. The father of Beatrix Brehme, and the patriarch of one of the founding families of the DDR, Abel was the Chairman of the State Planning Commission. His position granted him much power in the People's Chamber, specifically over financial affairs, making him vital in Jürgen's plan to establish homegrown TSF production.

Abel was manipulative, as shown by his ability to push through otherwise unpopular or harmful legislation in the People's Chamber and deceiving Jürgen into believing that he was a political reformer who knew of communism's failures in comparison to the West or that he was simply a concerned father for Beatrix.

Abel had extremely close ties to the stasi and was a proponent for increasing their scope and power. He lobbied for policies such as allowing the stasi to raise and maintain a larger private military force accountable to themselves, and was key in laying the bedrock for their transformation into the brutal and draconian organization seen in Schwarzesmarken .

This extended to even his daughter, who he sought to bind to the stasi despite her wishes. Everywhere she went, he made sure she was watched closely by a stasi bodyguard.

Not surprisingly, his relationship with his daughter was terrible. He considered Beatrix to willful or free-spirited, and that she needed to be broken of these traits. Beatrix, likewise, considered her life to be a cage, and her father to be a jailer. His abusiveness and neglect would be one of the leading factors in Beatrix's suicidal depression at the opening of Bernhard im Schatten.

Abel also developed something of a close relationship with an up and coming officer in the stasi, Captain Heinz Axmann, supporting his rise and attempting to push Beatrix towards him over Jürgen.

After discussing TSFs with Jürgen and Axmann, Abel became enamored with the idea of a Stasi TSF battalion. To these ends, he used his political resources and tapped Jürgen to establish and train the pilots of this new Werewolf Battalion, while Axmann would command it.

Abel eventually pushed Beatrix into the stasi under the tutelage of Axmann, claiming that it was her "noblesse oblige" to serve the state in such a manner when she attempted to resist him.

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